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We are one of the leading companies in the world, established in the year 1995 offering solutions in the areas of Supercritical Fluids and the applications thereof. We have an exhaustive experience in supercritical fluids and the related plant design. Our activities cover the entire spectrum from pilot trails, process and product development, laboratory scale and feasibility Studies, pilot plants and commercial scale turnkey SCFE Projects as well as other high pressure applications engineering and equipment. Further the continuous ongoing research in the fields of Supercritical fluids, supercritical extraction, micronisation, reactions in supercritical media etc. has put us in the forefront of supercritical fluids extraction, High Pressure processes using dense gases and related spin off technologies in India. We are one of the very few companies in the world who are offering the supercritical extraction plant based on the experience and expertise developed over the past fifteen years of development and operations of supercritical fluid extraction facility. The total experience amounts to over 100000 hrs, more than 172 different materials (Solid feed and liquid mixtures) comprising an aggregate total exceeding 1400 metric tones.

The entire technology, hardware (Plant and Machinery) and process know-how has been evolved inhouse. This is further backed up by our dedicated team of professionals having sound engineering and project management capabilities in the fields of supercritical fluids technology and equipment. The entire engineering and manufacturing operations for the plant as a whole and individual equipment / components are governed by reputed international codes like ASME BPV / DIN / BS and have been incorporated at our end into detailed procedures for Design, Manufacturing and Testing. We have an inhouse design and engineering activity centre which develops the manufacturing drawings and specifications for all the equipment related to the SCFE plant. The engineering and design activity is fully backed by CAD and CAE including the finite element modeling and analysis software. Our manufacturing workshops are manned by highly skilled personnel to fabricate the high pressure equipment conforming to the highest standards as stipulated by ASME BPV / DIN / BS codes. Our practices are in strict conformance with the various code requirements to ensure the best quality and reliability in the equipment which we deliver to our clients.

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Leading Plant and technology providers in the process technology area comprising of Supercritical Fluid Extraction and High Pressure Processes with Supercritical Fluids.


We are one of the leading companies in the world, established in the year 1995 offering solutions in the areas of Supercritical Fluids and the applications

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Our products are based on proven technology, which is evolved by way of our experience of more than 15 years. Backed by our dedicated team of qualified and experienced engineers and infrastructure, we strive to provide our customers the desired equipment and solutions to meet the needs.